Tree Surveys Glasgow

Tree Surveys and Tree Reports, Glasgow, Scotland

What is a Tree Survey or Tree report?

A tree survey is a way for landowners and developers to quickly analyse a site or area of land that they are prospecting for future development. It is common to acquire a tree survey and report to assess the impact of their intended development. Our detailed reports can relay and provide precise information back to the client, highlighting possible constraints to their development areas. This feedback can give vital information pin-pointing if the trees will be problematic in the area or near the area, and even next to land that has highways that are due to be constructed.

Our tree survey reports will produce for you the best information possible about the trees on the location in question, and project for you a report which will help you decide on the trees that should be removed and the ones that can be retained. These reports are paramount and very useful as they permit our clients to move forward with this information and in turn make the best decisions for their proposed developments, saving time and money.
Our professional tree surveyors and tree report specialists always work to the British Standard BS5837

Our Surveys will inform and make clear on the issues below.

Species: Full list of the trees on-site and their exact location

Measurements: Document the heights and diameters of all trees

Condition: The life expectancy and the actual health of the trees on the land area

Tree Ages: A report on the approximate ages of the trees

Select Recommendations: We will advise on which trees should be removed and trees that can be retained.

Our surveys and reports are completed in a way for the laymen to understand. Every tree that needs to be removed or retained will be clearly pin-pointed on a scaled plan.

What is a Tree Survey or Tree report?

There is a variety of reasons that a company or private residential client would request and require a tree survey. We are professionals that can deliver a survey for any sectors, including the construction, landscaping commercial, private and public. Our surveys are precise in highlighting the legalities of trees that are currently present on the land areas requested by our customers.

The survey will list all trees that are diseased, decaying or dangerous and could be a threat to other trees or life in this area of land. This written knowledge can then be used to support any planning applications that are being put forward to the authorities.

Our tree survey will provide convenient information about the trees and vegetation on your particular land area or site. You can use these facts to visualise and make better decisions on planning a way forward and what to do next with the land in question.

The survey will take into account the accidental removal of protected trees and any breaches of the wildlife and countryside act.

If you are a landowner, developer, architect or residential homeowner and contemplating the construction of a new building of any sort, or planning to extend an existing building and trees are present then most likely a tree survey would be required. All the trees on this land will be surveyed upon request, plus any trees within a 12-metre range of the site boundary.

Our expertise and experience over the years, together with the completion of hundreds of tree surveys will give you the confidence that is needed to help us assist you in any new project. We can survey and identify the impact that your development may have on the surrounding vegetation and tree life. This vital information relayed back to you through one of our surveys can help landscape designers create practical and realistic designs using our plans. This way they can work around the trees that cannot be removed and integrate into their designs.

How can we help you?

Our customers and clients come from a vast range of different businesses including the following

  • Estate Agents
  • Planners
  • Local Councils
  • Architects
  • Leisure Companies ​
  • Building Developers
  • Construction Project Managers
  • Various Consultant Services
  • Solicitors
  • Land Owners

We offer top quality tree survey solutions to all kinds of commercial and private industries, anywhere a professional cost-effective survey and tree report is needed, delivered on time and at an affordable price.

Whatever the size and scope of the survey you require, we can help with your development. Trust our team to deliver a detailed report that will provide all the necessary information to assist your project in moving forward to the next level of completion.