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    How much do Glasgow Tree Surgeons Charge to Remove a Dangerous Tree

    When you ask how much does a dangerous tree removal costs, it’s also important to take into consideration the size and height of trees being removed along with the amount of manpower needed in order to complete the job in a timely and safe manner, without any delays or disruptions. For example, removing large trees will require greater effort in comparison to smaller trees, thus increasing labour costs associated with extending hours spent working outdoors in the tree removal process. Another large component of removing dangerous trees in Lennoxtown is the fees associated with hauling away all of the debris after trees have been cut down, and dumping the tree remains. If we can load branches and limbs into our chipper and reduce them into mulch and chippings we will, but some of the larger tree parts, such as the trunk and thick branches need to be taken away, either dumped or stored. Another component of dangerous tree removal costs is related directly to the hazardous conditions that may arise when dealing with heavy equipment moving around large pieces of wood that may present themselves as potential threats like falling branches,  or exposed roots that could potentially damage properties surrounding the area of work being performed. This is accounted for with additional fees and equipment and manpower required to mitigate risk.

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    ​​Telephone:     0141-483-7485

    Here at Glasgow Tree services we are proud to offer you the kind of local tree surgeon support that only comes as a result of years of hard graft and experience. When it comes to booking a tree service, either in the domestic or commercial sector, from removal to grinding, pruning to chipping or commercial ground clearance and everything in between, we are the company for you and have it covered. Head over to the service page that suits you best to find out how to book a service, and to make that next step on the road to tree heaven!

    Our Services

    Tree Removal

    Tree removal service is a very important part of tree care. Removing an unwanted tree should be done properly to prevent potential damage from occurring. There are many different risks when it comes to removing trees, such as the possibility of damaging nearby trees and plants because of the heavy machinery used in this process. Many companies exist that will come out and take down large or small trees for a cost, but some may not have the proper equipment making them less effective at their job. Our Glasgow tree surgeons in Kirkintilloch have all the hi-tech necessary equipment and training to assure any tree removal goes ahead safely and securely. Whatever the tree size or species, we are here to help you. Whether you have a large conifer blocking out the light to your home, or a big oak tree that is posing a danger to your residential or commercial property, give us a call, we can remove and dispose of the tree. One of the most common reasons for having trees removed is when someone no longer wants them around their homes for safety purposes, because branches could fall and injure people who live nearby, or they are blocking important light reaching their gardens or home. Sometimes trees are just in the way of progress, either residentially, or commercially. We also remove trees that may pose a danger of falling onto nearby buildings. We offer a fast emergency tree removal service in Lennoxtown, just call us and we will come over and quote for the work. On top of safety issues, certain species of trees can actually damage buildings over time if not maintained correctly. When it comes time for homeowners to have tree removal service conducted on their property in order to remove problem trees, they should make sure to hire trained professionals who know what they are doing when it comes to specialist tree removal. The dangers of hiring an amateur can include the following risks:

    • The tree could fall in the wrong direction and injure people
    • The branches on fallen trees can damage buildings, vehicles, patios, pools, etc. below them
    • Roots could break into buildings or cause other problems that require costly repairs for homeowners.

    All our Tree Surgeons & Arborists are fully qualified & Insured
    Scroll down to see the different Domestic and Commercial services we offer.

    ​Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

    Trimming and pruning are two different services offered by our arborists a nd tree surgeons. Tree trimming is the removal of dead or dying branches, deadwood or other things that are not part of the natural growth process to improve the health of the tree. It also entails cutting back large branches if they appear to be too close to electrical wires or houses; this does not include any form of topping or heading cuts (shortening a branch). Removal operations may sometimes be performed, but only when there is no risk for personal injury, damage to property, or severe danger in general.

    Tree pruning, on the other hand reduces overly long limbs back within reach range to allow them to re-sprout. This process allows for enhanced recovery time as well.

    Trimming and pruning can be performed by a professional, though it is possible to do the task yourself. If you plan on doing so, ensure that you have proper equipment such as climbing gear and other specialised tools that may be needed before taking any action. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the work then please call us to arrange for a free quote.

    Tree trimming and tree pruning services help the trunk of a tree maintain its shape by removing dead or low-hanging branches, cross branches, interfering root structures and suckers from the bottom of the tree. They also aid in increasing air flow and sunlight penetration into foliage which reduces competition for nutrients and allows more efficient photosynthesis to occur through increased light exposure to leaves. However, care should be taken not to remove too much off one side of a tree as this can cause harm or death to the tree.

    Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

    Stump grinding and stump removal should be handled by a professional company like Glasgow Trees. This is to prevent potential damage to surrounding plants and shrubs, as well as the prevention of accidents caused by faulty equipment during the process. Please do not hire stump grinding machines and try to do this kind of work. They should not be operated without prior training. 

    Stump grinding is a fast and efficient method for removing stumps from your garden, allowing you to use the space again much more quickly than you would if you left the stump in place or attempted to cut it down yourself.

    We remove even large stumps with care and precision so there is nothing left, unlike some companies that will leave the large stumps, because they don’t have the professional heavy duty stump grinders like we do. If you need our services in Lennoxtown, call us now to book your free quote.

    We cover residential and commercial stump removals, so if you have a single stump or multiple unwanted stumps in a field, we can remove them all.

    Tree Felling

    Felling a tree by hand is very dangerous for a homeowner or individual doing it themselves, especially with no prior tree surgeon training, as this could potentially be a risk of injury to other people in their vicinity. To avoid any of these hazards, it’s much safer to call Glasgow trees and utilise our professional felling techniques, health and safety is important to us, as it should be to you!

    To help us safely undertake your tree felling work in Lennoxtown, we have invested in some modern specialist equipment designed for this purpose.

    We use hydraulic cutters that slice through trees from top to bottom with ease. We also use chainsaws where necessary; this combined with our gaffs (timber cutting wedges) ensures that no two jobs are ever the same! There will, however, always be instances during very heavy or awkward feeling where safe manual chainsaw felling and skillful gaff work will be needed (although we also recommend that trees are considered for removal when in the lower trunk section). We take nothing to chance when felling trees.

    We always use experienced Arborists when planning to perform our tree felling service in Lennoxtown; they will be able to advise you on any technical aspects of your job. They can offer advice about safe working practices or provide certification for large works if required. They will also help determine what methods are most appropriate for felling your trees, this is based upon their experience and knowledge. All team members are suitably trained in all types of chainsaw use when carrying out tree felling work in Glasgow.

    By using these high-tech techniques under expert supervision when undertaking tree felling service, we can guarantee that your project will be conducted as safely as possible with minimum disturbance to your property and surrounding environment.

    Hedge Cutting & Hedge Removal

    Glasgow Trees specialise in hedge cutting services and we can design and create something perfect for your garden. We have many years experience dealing with all manner of hedges so no job is too difficult for us. There are several ways we deal with hedges:

    The first option is our complete hedge cutting service where we’ll go into your home, talk about the size of your garden and how you want it to look. We’ll then design a plan for the work so that there is no waste when we cut down trees, shrubs and bushes. 

    If you already have a hedgerow design in mind then why not talk to us about planting up new hedges instead of having them cut? This way they will grow bigger and stronger over time but they won’t need as much maintenance. We can discuss what type of hedge would be best for your particular property.

    We have been providing these services to the public in Lennoxtown for many years now, and we never cease to be amazed at how much people love their hedges and bushes. If you’re one of these people then we advise that you call us ASAP to get a quote ahead of next winter because why not? It’s better than letting them grow out of control only to cut them down again the following year wasting more valuable time, effort and money in the process. Resisting the temptation is harder than it sounds but you owe it to yourself, your family and friends who walk past every day if not just for your own personal satisfaction.

    The cost for hedge trimming and cutting can depend on the size and area in question, but our quotations are free, so give us a call to find out.

    Not everyone likes trimming hedges, which is why we do it for a living! We won’t just chop down all your hedges and bushes for no reason – they’ll be professionally trimmed into shape at regular intervals throughout the year so that instead of growing outwards your hedges will remain in shape.

    Well there are many reasons to get your hedges trimmed – aesthetically it’ll make the garden look tidier and neater, obviously if you want privacy or need to keep animals in/out this is very important too. If you have children or pets then having a hedge that’s continuous will help stop nasty accidents happening when they run around your garden unsupervised. Last but not least, hedging can prevent soil erosion on steep slopes by reducing wind speed and trapping some of the soil beneath the bush so that it doesn’t all just tumble down into your neighbour’s garden.

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    ​​Telephone:     0141-483-7485

    Here at Glasgow Tree services we are proud to offer you the kind of local tree surgeon support that only comes as a result of years of hard graft and experience. When it comes to booking a tree service, either in the domestic or commercial sector, from removal to grinding, pruning to chipping or commercial ground clearance and everything in between, we are the company for you and have it covered. Head over to the service page that suits you best to find out how to book a service, and to make that next step on the road to tree heaven!

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