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Why is tree removal so expensive?

This is a question we get asked all the time from our costumes when we submit our quotation to them for the cost of a tree to be removed from their residential or commercial land. So I would like to offer an explanation and give a few warranted and various reasons why tree removals and this line of professional tree work is indeed costly to have completed, so customers have a much better understanding on where their money is being spent

Tree surgery is a dangerous Profession

Tree cutting is a dangerous profession, and much more so if you’re not trained. News stories are filled with all sorts of accidents that have happened to unqualified people who didn’t know how important it was to understand the structural integrity of trees before trying to cut them down! arboriculturalists are not afraid of tackling tree removals. Tree damage can be caused by any number of reasons, such as storm damage or years being neglected. When a tree is dead it may become brittle and inflexible; when cut down the broken branches often shatter sending shards to your property that could cause problems including potential property damages with shattered glass windows that are in close proximity to the tree.

Arboriculturists are the unsung heroes of our towns, cities and countryside, providing safe and comfortable entertainment and beauty in a time when Mother Nature can very often cause damage and weakness to trees, resulting in them needing to be removed quickly, safely and efficiently. Day-in and day-out our tree surgeons in Glasgow have been on the frontline in saving your local areas from storm damage, with their hands-on approach, they can remove any debris that has fallen onto paths or streets or roads to ensure clean living conditions for everyone around them.


Any tree removal contract is expensive due to all the different factors we have to take into consideration, such as the species of tree and the overall size of the tree which will have a huge effect on the price of the job in question. There can be many different techniques, methods and ways for removing trees, which all needs to be assessed before submitting a final quotation. Such as, if your tree or trees need to be removed by crane because of access difficulties, then this alone will incur a significant cost, much more than if we simply climb up and cut and remove branches. Regardless of the reason why you need a tree removed, we can certainly help you to achieve this! Our professional tree surgeons and arborists are available 24 hours a day and at your service to answer any questions or maybe concerns that have about any particular service or pricing. Call Glasgow Trees today!

Insurance Policies

Most people can think that tree removals are a safe profession, but to be honest it can be a very dangerous profession and one of the most risky jobs out there. This is confirmed by just how much the insurance companies charge tree surgeons for their premiums every year! They understand the risks and set their prices accordingly. Unlike some tree service companies, Glasgow Trees do not make use of subcontractors to lower our insurance policies and place customers at risk. We pay these full premiums which will fully protect our clients if something untoward did occur. You can rest assured that Glasgow trees have your back! We may not offer the cheapest tree removal prices, but you will be happy in the knowledge that all work is guaranteed and insured properly. Peace of mind is important.

Glasgow Trees are the company to trust to call for all your tree removal needs. We’re not only highly active and competitive within all the local Glasgow City areas, but we also provide an approachable customer service and value for money that is second to none. Our constant training to keep our tree surgeons at the top of their game! And our state-of-the-art equipment will deliver a professional job without all the problems and worries about safety at your domestic home or commercial premises. With our team looking after every aspect of removing your trees, to a clean and tidy area before we leave, you can guarantee value for money, and get exactly what you pay for every time with Glasgow Trees.

How we price up a tree removal

  • We look at the total number of trees that need attending to or removed? It can certainly work out cheaper to service a quantity of trees altogether, rather than a single tree.
  • The types of trees and their sizes? We take into account the tree’s mature state, as our tree surgeon may need to climb and use specialist climbing gear including harnesses, cherry picker, crane hire or alternative specialist access equipment. Some species of trees are stronger than other trees, which means they will be able to take more weight. 
  • Do you remove the tree’s roots also? Some tree types have rooting systems that can progress to problems later if left. It all depends on the actual tree in question, some are much easier than others.
  • Where are your trees situated? Are they sited close to buildings? or near proximity to power cables and utilities? 
  • What is the access like to get the trees in our vehicle? This can be a time consuming problem if we cannot, as our specialist tree equipment which is heavy and awkward will need to be moved manually, which adds to the time of completing the job. 
  • Price will be assessed by the estimated amount of waste that needs to be removed and taken away. We are registered waste carriers but still have to pay to dump waste. Trees can indeed produce lots of waste, especially a full tree removal or heavy trimming of branches. We have at our disposal heavyweight industrial shredders that make easy work of the thick branches, limbs and foliage, the ends up as a mulch which some of our customers use for their garden, and the bigger cut logs can be left also for decorating your garden, firewood or taken away if requested.

Trees need removing because of various situations. Some trees are just too close to property boundary lines, others could be crowded and not have enough space around them in domestic gardens or commercial premises, and maybe others trees may pose a threat because they’re dying in a diseased state. The total cost of any tree removal work can depend on the type of tree that needs taking away. Whether it’s a large old oak, magnificent silver birch, maple, conifer, large pine or any other UK natural species of tree. Different sized trees have their own pricing structure. For example, if you need more than one vehicle load to take away all the logs, limbs and branches from your personal felled tree, then you’ll pay slightly extra for each load. Every aspect of a tree removal will be calculated and adjusted accordingly and a transparent price quoted for your acceptance.

Quick recap on why tree removals are expensive

As you can now see and fully appreciate all our tree removal work that we carry out is a dangerous profession and has many risk factors that come with the business. The job also entails the need for expensive specialist hi-tech equipment to complete the work, so we can remove all trees safely, efficiently and no harm comes to human life and the surrounding environment. For us to do this our professional tree surgeons have to continuously keep up with expensive training in all the different aspects of tree surgery and arborist skills, be covered by expensive insurance premiums, keep up with all health and safety issues and climbing skills. Now you know why tree removals are expensive!

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