Tree Pollarding Glasgow

Pollarding or to pollard is an ancient method of tree surgery to control a size of a tree, and even dates back to Roman times. This process can be desired for many reasons including, encourage new growth, keep trees a required size, to harvest the branches for animal fodder or be used for various crafts like basket weaving or create fencing.

​Certain trees are cut back this way to stop them shading other vegetation or keep them downsized because they could become a hazard to local electricity or telecom cabling .
It is wise to be choosy about which trees you decide to cut back using this method, we will always advise if we feel that the tree you have selected is not suited to this type of surgery.

​Trees that are a good choice to pollard are:
Oak – Ash – Elm – Willow – Elder – Lime – Eucalyptus 

Whatever your reasons for pollarding it can be a great system to prolong a trees life and spark new fresh growth.

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