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I can relate to anyone trusting a tree company to perform surgery on your property, this can be a tense and nervous engagement. At Glasgow trees we take this into account and like to guide you through this process with our expert advice prior to any work you may need attending to. Every tree is different so creating a plan especially for your unique trees on your property or business is our priority.

Any tree felling, surgery or any removal of any kind will always warrant a site visit to discuss the details, answer any questions and concerns you may have. and give you a quotation for the intended work. As any contract we complete either large or small, our dedication with shine through as you watch us complete the job in a safe efficient manner.

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There are many reasons a tree needs to be felled removed or sectionally dismantled by professional Arborists. It could be that it’s not wanted, dead or diseased, maybe just become a hazard. We will have a chat about this on our initial site survey and try to give you the best options available to suit your needs. If the tree has to go, you could always plant a smaller one nearby to say “Done my bit for the environment” it’s up to you!. 

Tree felling and the removal of large trees is all in the planning and risk assessment before the task can be started. As long as the right modern equipment is used and safety precautions adhered to, the process is straight forward to seasoned trained professional arborists that we supply to every customer. 
First we will take care to scan the area around the perimeter of the tree in question, to see if any obstacles that could maybe disrupt the imminent felling. Our Surgeons will look for power lines, remote buildings, pathways or roads that the tree could obstruct or cause a danger to human life. The appropriate signs will be placed making everyone in the area aware.
A full study of the tree to be brought down taking into account the direction we want it to fall, nothing is taken into chance, branches are calculated and wind direction, tree is even plum lined to see how the tree actually stands and leans.

A path is cleared around the area of the trees intended decent and around 45 degrees behind in both directions which gives us an area to retreat when felling. 

Our next step is the removal of the lower limbs and buttress roots as they are a hazard and could cause injuries.

Before any cuts are made at the base of the tree we assess which way our tree may fall. The last thing we desire is the tree to fall onto anything valuable and cause damage. In a perfect scenario cutting the tree so it falls the same way as it leans, but this is not always possible if there are obstructions, like cables, other trees or buildings. Other information we like to collect is if the actual tree is live, dead? Or diseased and dying?. When striking your axe against the tree, does it give a hollow sound? Or does it sound solid? Hollow suggests that the tree is dead and a solid sound means the tree is most​ likely live.
Deadwood is easier to cut than live wood, great if you can cut the dead part, but not always possible.

We have at our disposal various winches and tensioners to assist the tree in falling to the ground exactly where we would like it to go. Please don’t try this at home folks.

After all our numerous assessments have taken place we will use different cutting and wedge techniques to fell the tree, all depending how and where we want it to fall. I can safely and proudly say that in all our years of tree felling we have never had one incident. This is why planning is so important. 
If you require a stump to be removed after a tree felling, we offer a stump grinding and removal service, or you may just have a stump that has been around for some time on your property. Let us know and we can address the problem and give you a firm price for the work to be completed after an initial survey.

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