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Glasgow Trees are still operating. All services are available as normal. Social Distancing measures are being adhered to at all times.

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Welcome to Glasgow trees, Falkirk Tree Surgeons

Our residential and commercial tree service company provides professional local tree surgeons to complete tree services and arborist work throughout the Falkirk area. Included in our selection of services are tree removals, tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal and stump grinding. Together with a 24 hour emergency tree service if required, we cover all aspects of tree work.

We are proud of the service that we provide our local Falkirk community. Trees are a very important and integral part of the area we live in and Glasgow trees are well-versed and understand in how to go about the handling of these living organic specimens. Most tree services can be quiet dangerous if you lack the vital knowledge and expertise in tree surgery skills.

Our professional company and workforce can tackle any tree related issue as we have all the modern equipment and machinery that can tackle any size contract, whether a residential tree removal or a large scale commercial ground or site clearance. Contact us now for a fast competitive quotation.

Take a look at the service that we offer below and when you are ready you can contact us now for a fast competitive quotation.

Tree Removal​

Our professional tree surgeons can cut down and remove any size tree that you no longer wish to have on your property or land. After removing the branches our team will start on the trunk. We usually start from the top and and work our way down, gradually reducing the tree in size and then cut the trunk at the base. If you would like the stump removed we can accommodate this also and grind the remaining stump to below the surface with our stump grinding machine, this way you can re-use the ground and start planting other species or leave bare.

Tree trimming and Pruning

There are many such reason for pruning or trimming the trees on your property or land. It could be that they have started to overwhelm your garden area and become a hazard, problem or blocking out important lighting to your house or other plant life. Large trees can be dangerous to cut back and tackle yourself if you don’t have the right equipment, expertise and safety procedures. We offer various methods and services to deal with tree trimming and pruning, all depending on your trees requirements. Best way forward is to contact us by telephone or fill out the contact form and we will ring you and book an appointment for a site visit and a free quotation.

Here is a list of techniques that we use to shape

  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Clean
  • ​Deadwood
  • Pollarding
  • Formative Pruning
  • Lopping
  • Pruning
  • Hedge Trimming

Stump Removals and Stump Grinding

Our Falkirk tree surgeons can remove any size tree stump that is required, including raised surface roots that are exposed above the ground. As long as there is sufficient opening and good access for our stump grinding machinery to pass through so we can attend to the stumps.

We can grind down a stump to a depth of around 12″ to 18″ inches which should give you enough depth to install topsoil to re-seed the ground. If you are wanting to plant another tree in the same place we could go lower, just let us know what you require. Whatever the situation we will offer a solution to remove the unwanted stump for you and make sure it will be gone for good!

Usually we will leave the mulch which is a residue from the stump grinding process, this can be mixed with the topsoil when back filling the gap left by the removal of the stump or you can spread the mulch over various other parts of your garden.

It is sometimes possible for us to quote you over the phone for a stump removal job. We can ask you a few questions and maybe you could forward a selection of images so we can assess the job. Its always a good idea when taking the photographs to place an object like a can of coke next to the stump so we can get an idea of the size in relation to the object. Other question that we may ask you will be about access as our machine needs at least a 1 metre gap, type of tree we are dealing with (if known, diameter across the top at the widest point and is the stump situated at the front or rear of the property. Telephone quotes are usually quiet accurate but are still subject to survey when we arrive, but 9/10 they are a good estimate and we usually stand by the price. If you have large raised exposed roots from a large tree that you would like removed, we arrange a cost for these to be taken out at the same time as the stump.

If you would like a firm estimate and require us to visit your premises or land, then please don’t hesitate in contacting us and one of our tree surgeons will make an appointment to survey the stump removal work.

  • Large-Scale Developments
  • Construction Tree & Planning
  • Tree Surveys – Health & Safety
  • Mortgage & Insurance Tree Reports
  • Damages from Trees & Vegetation
  • Tree Preservation orders
  • Conservation Areas
  • Housing Associations
  • Forests
  • Woodlands
  • Residential Properties
  • Construction Industry
  • Property developers 
  • Local Authority Services
  • Health Care Services
  • Property Management Companies 
  • Golf Courses 
  • Large Ground Clearance Contracts

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A full Consultancy and management service is available to all our commercial clients. This could be used by our customers for various high profile contracts that need arboricultural guidance with their chosen projects. We can provide the relevant documents including method statements and risk assessments.

​Our Guarantees To You​

All services are completed by trained certificated Tree surgeons and Arborists

All work will be completed to the Health and Safety regulations according to the correct procedures and will be adhered to at all times.

We promise to quote you the best price possible for our professional services.
Any other work not listed on the original quotation will be discussed beforehand and not completed prior to your knowledge.

Our Company will professionally guide you from start to finish, and complete your chosen service in a respectful way to you and your neighbours.

We understand that every job is unique and needs to be tailored to our customers to find the correct solution, and the very best solution will be applied every time.

We will try and save you money best we can, our prices are very competitive within the Tree surgery and arborist industry.

Here at Glasgow trees, we offer a unique approach to customer service, we really do take care of everyone as we love repeat work, we promise you, no nasty surprises!


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