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Welcome to Glasgow tree Surgeons, Clyde Valley, South Lanarkshire, tree removal and arborist Services.

Our way of thinking is to associate you with respect for trees and the surroundings like we do. Our Company works with trees every day and have become experts, in all the aspects of tree surgery and arborist work. We refuse to cut corners in either the job in hand or health and safety issues. If a task needs completing it must be executed correctly, no excuses!

We pride ourselves in our ongoing business and dedicated customer service relationships we have built up over the years, completely at ease and confident in our ability to complete any tree surgery contract, either in the domestic or commercial sectors. We have all the modern up to date machinery together with highly trained, capable tree surgeon and arborist staff that really do enjoy their work.


One of our specialities is tree removal in the Clyde Valley area, and we are totally prepared for any circumstance that arises from this task. It does not matter what size of tree you would like removed, we are at your service. It could be a dead tree that needs taken away, become dangerous or just blights your landscape and is unpleasant to look at.
We take great care in dismantling unwanted trees so the hazardous limbs are removed prior to the main trunk. This ensures a safe removal and all health and safety issues are adhered to. 

So if you would like to know more about this professional service, you can make contact with us on 0141-483-7485 for a no-obligation quotation or just some friendly advice, as we are a local firm you can trust, our business is trees and we simply love em!

You can also rest at ease All our work is covered by £5 million public liability insurance

​​24 Hour Emergency Tree Services

Some of the Professional Tree Services we off our clients in the residential and commercial sectors.

Residential Tree Services

  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Planting
  • Stump Removal / Stump Grinding
  • Tree Inspections
  • Tree Pruning /Trimming
  • Hedge Cutting and Maintenance
  • Dangerous Tree Work

Commercial Tree Services

  • Land Clearance
  • Site Clearance
  • Vegetation Management
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Commercial & Industry Tree Works
  • Highways Arboriculture
  • Trackside Arboriculture

Tree Felling

Tree felling is our most common method of taking a tree down. It is a great way if the area has space and allows us to complete this task. Our professional personnel will endeavour to talk time to discuss the different options available on our site inspection. Whether the tree to be felled is on residential or commercial land, there are specific guidelines to follow and adhere to. All care and consideration are given to the surrounding areas including building, utilities and power lines. We will devise a full proof plan to suit your purpose or project.
Take action now and call us on ​Telephone: 0141-483-748

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our fine selection of tree trimming and pruning services are an excellent way to keep your trees in order, healthy and more aesthetically pleasing to you can enjoy them more.

Fine pruning

Involves trimming just the small limbs of your tree, this will give good
shape and structure.

Standard Pruning

This is where we trim back some major branches and reduce the smaller limbs.

Other Trimming services that are on offer.

Crown reduction

Removal of large limbs and major branches. Around 25 per cent of the crown is cut back

Crown Lifting

Removal of the lower branches which will lift the crown of the tree

Crown Thinning

Inner and secondary branches removed. Done for balance but still keeps the size intact.


This is where all the upper branches are removed, only used on certain trees.

Any service that you are not sure about you can contact us on

Telephone:     0141-483-7485 For fast and friendly Advice

Stump grinding and stump removal

To remove and grind stumps down to an acceptable level is a skilled and dangerous job that should only be attempted by a professional stump grinder with the correct equipment.

Why remove tree stumps

Stumps attract pests and insects which use them as home and breeding ground. They can also hold disease and become hazardous as a health and safety factor. You can book this service either domestic or commercially, just Ring ​Telephone: 0141-483-7485

Hedge Management and Topiary

Hedge management and maintenance is a service that we provide on a professional level. We possess all the state of the art equipment to take on any large commercial and maintenance contract as well as looking after our residential customers, they are all important to us. If you require ornamental hedge shaping or topiary, we offer many designs and shapes catering to everyone’s tastes.
Try not to leave the maintenance of hedges too long as they can get out of hand and overgrown very rapidly, especially as the warm weather comes in. If you are ready to take action contact us now for a quotation or friendly advice. Telephone: 0141-483-7485

Tree Planting

Planting trees is always a special service that we love doing. We spend a lot of time removing unwanted trees, cutting, felling and dismantling. So it’s always a pleasure to replace trees for the future. Any tree that is planted instantly adds beauty and enhances the environment that’s a fact. We can offer our sound advice and recommend the trees that thrive in the Scottish Clyde valley region. We can help plan and create a landscape that you desire, whether for residential or commercial purposes Telephone: 0141-483-7485

Ground Clearance

Ground clearances, along with vegetation clearance management and maintenance services is one of our tree companies largest sectors.
We have the machinery and manpower to cover any size land clearance contract. Whether landscaping for a new golf course or clearing the way for an up and coming building project, we are the people to call. Our dedicated team can prepare a quotation, surveys, inspections, risk assessments to your requirements. We hold all the necessary Health and safety, public liability, employee liability and professional indemnity paperwork, which is always available as requested. Telephone: 0141-483-7485 – Click number to Call

Tree Inspections and Surveys

We are specialist Arborist and tree surgery consultants and offer our services in this area of expertise. If you need us to prepare tree plans, tree reports, or tree surveys of any description, please contact us and one of our professional team will guide you through the process. Maybe a survey and work out the costs on a planning application, development or construction project. Whatever the reason one of our dedicated and experienced consultants can help. We have expert knowledge in both the residential and commercial sectors.
Ready to move forward? ​ Telephone:   0141-483-7485

Tree Cabling and Bracing

There are many reasons for a tree needing extra support and additional cabling and bracing to its natural structure. It could be poor unbalanced growth in the main branches, split or cracked limbs or just the tree has been pruned badly over the course of it’s life. Whatever the reason a complete failure of such a heavy branch can cause serious damage to property or human life if left untended. We can install specialist cable and bracing equipment consisting of steel rods and cables that can secure and give some insurance to the problem. Please get in touch with us soon if you suspect a problem or looks unbalanced, especially if the tree is on your land as it’s your responsibility if any damage occurs. Our Arborist can inspect the tree and make a professional assessment and advise if action needs to be taken. We are fully trained in this department. Please don’t make it too late!

Some of the contracts in the private and commercial tree surgery sectors in Clyde Valley​ that we have completed, and who have used our professional tree service company in the past include:

  • Large-Scale Developments
  • Construction Tree & Planning
  • Tree Surveys – Health & Safety
  • Mortgage & Insurance Tree Reports
  • Damages from Trees & Vegetation
  • Tree Preservation orders
  • Conservation Areas
  • Housing Associations
  • Forests
  • Woodlands
  • Residential Properties
  • Construction Industry
  • Property developers 
  • Local Authority Services
  • Health Care Services
  • Property Management Companies 
  • Golf Courses 
  • Large Ground Clearance Contracts​

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A full Consultancy and management service is available to all our commercial clients. This could be used by our customers for various high profile contracts that need arboricultural guidance with their chosen projects. We can provide the relevant documents including method statements and risk assessments.

​Our Guarantees To You​

All services are completed by trained certificated Tree surgeons and Arborists

All work will be completed to the Health and Safety regulations according to the correct procedures and will be adhered to at all times.

We promise to quote you the best price possible for our professional services.
Any other work not listed on the original quotation will be discussed beforehand and not completed prior to your knowledge.

Our Company will professionally guide you from start to finish, and complete your chosen service in a respectful way to you and your neighbours.

We understand that every job is unique and needs to be tailored to our customers to find the correct solution, and the very best solution will be applied every time.

We will try and save you money best we can, our prices are very competitive within the Tree surgery and arborist industry.

Here at Glasgow trees, we offer a unique approach to customer service, we really do take care of everyone as we love repeat work, we promise you, no nasty surprises!

0141-483-7485 Click number to call
Have a fantastic day from Glasgow Trees, Clyde Valley​ Division

Keeping it Local.

Other areas that we operate our Tree surgery and Arborist Business in the Clyde Valley

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