Bats in Glasgow Trees

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All of the different bat species known in the Glasgow area use trees to roost. Even if you cannot see evidence of bats near your trees does not necessarily mean they don’t have a roost within the branches.
Very important that you are sure there are no bat roosts in a tree destined to be felled, trimmed, cut or lopped. These habitats the bats have chosen are protected all year round, even when they are not in use.

Glasgow Bat Species

There are a few different species of bat in Scotland which includes the following
Pipistrelle, Brown long eared, Daubenton’s, Natterers’s, Noctule, Whiskered, Leisler’s and Brandt’s

Bat Habitats

Bats always live in sheltered areas known as roosts. Trees are a good natural habitat for bats all over the Glasgow area. Any type of tree will suffice as long as it covers their needs at that time of the year. They are attracted to different features when roosting, it could be warmer roosts for pregnant females in the summer, especially for raising young. Where as a more cool and steady temperature would be required whilst hibernating in the winter months.

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